Holiday Mantle Ideas

Holiday Mantle Ideas

Do you have a mantel in your home than needs some jazzing up in time for Thanksgiving dinner or a Holiday party? Well, don’t fret, because this holiday season, there are tons of great, fun, crafty ideas to add some pizzazz to your home on any budget. You can learn about the traditional methods of decorating your home on special occasions, on this website:

Looking at a color scheme for your holiday decorations is always a good place to start. For Thanksgiving, perhaps some yellow, orange and brown would set a festive fall mood. Christmas and Hanukah obviously have their own specific color schemes but also a neutral wintery theme of white, silver and gold could be a nice change from the ordinary. Maybe start with a few candles in your color scheme to get the décor going.

Pumpkins are major mascots in October as we lead up to Halloween but who doesn’t love a good pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving dinner? So a collection of small colorful gourds on the mantel would definitely brighten up your theme. Cornucopias, turkeys, and pilgrims are also major fixtures of Thanksgiving decorations so why not swing by the craft store to pick up a few little wooden models for the mantel. And there’s nothing cuter than handmade decorations – I mean, who doesn’t love a handprint turkey?

Moving into the December month, Hanukah will already be in full swing and Christmas only a couple weeks away. Why not throw some roll out snow down on the mantel to set the scene? Clear glass vases filled with colorful ornaments have become popular decorations for Christmas but if you’re celebrating Hanukah, why not snag the idea and fill the vase with blue and silver ornaments or fun, colored dreidels. Another cute idea is to craft your own handmade menorah. Take 8 small boxes and one slightly larger box, gift wrap them all in colorful paper with pretty bows, and line them on the mantel with tea lights on top.

If you’re the crafty type and want to make something to bring some holiday spirit, why not try to make yourself a little sign to hang off the mantel? Perhaps something with stamps, construction paper, and ribbon would be fun to string up or maybe learn to felt yourself something! Felting is very easy and you could make any word or design you want with just a little loose wool roving and a felting needle. If you have kids who want to participate, this might not be the craft for them as felting needles are very sharp. Instead, why not have them help you modpodge a paper-mâché reindeer, just a few dollars available at craft stores like Pat Catans.

Are you a book lover? Crafts that repurpose old books are very in right now so why not wrap a few fake gifts in book pages for your mantel decorations. Or how about creating your own holiday wreath to hang above the mantel with some book pages cut into fun, festive shapes throughout.

Not enough time to put into some crafts? That’s alright, why not go for a nature theme?  For Thanksgiving, perhaps fill those glass vases with pinecones, acorn , and tall dried grasses. Or maybe a garland of colorful leaves, thistles, and Indian corn to string in front of the fire place. For a more Christmas-y theme, the bright green of a few pine or spruce branches would really liven things up around the room along with some holly or mistletoe to add some color.

Whatever look you’re going for this holiday season, be it simple and delicate to lively and complex, there are hundreds of ideas to help you decorate your home and get into the holiday spirit. You can learn about the decorations that are considered mandatory for special occasions, on this website: