The Guide To Fitting Your New Impact Wrench

The Guide To Fitting Your New Impact Wrench

Maintaining the perfect home can be difficult. Things get old, start to break down, and, eventually, need renovating or updating. This is the reason many people turn to home improvement or renovation. Hiring an individual or a business to do your home improvements can be expensive, so many chose to do the work themselves. If you want your improvements to go smoothly, you need your tools and equipment to be working smoothly as well. You need to make sure your tools are properly maintained and fitted to your liking. An example of these types of tools is an impact wrench. Impact wrenches come in all shapes and sizes for all types of applications and operators. You can learn about various types of hardware tools and their applications, on this website:

Here’s a look at how to choose the right size and type of impact wrench for the job you’re doing.

1. Size it

You need to choose your impact wrench based on the size of the bolts you’ll be working with and how much torque you’ll need to tighten them. For example, if you’re driving a series of half-inch grade one bolts, you need an impact wrench that can handle at least 28 foot-pounds. Each wrench has a capacity that should be labeled on the tool.

2. Power it

The power of your impact wrench will also determine its size — the more powerful the tool, the physically larger the anvil on the impact wrench will be. The specific fit of each impact wrench varies largely based on the operator. Generally, operators will be assigned to work with tools that they can physically handle: a 1,000-pound impact wrench isn’t for the scrawny or petite.

Most impact wrenches are air-powered. Air driven wrenches come in many more varieties than cordless impact wrenches, which offer less torque.

3. Grip it

Impact wrenches come with three different types of grips: a pistol grip, a right angle grip and a ‘D’handle.

  • Pistol: This is the most common type of impact wrench. Shaped like a gun, it works great when you are not confined to a limited space.
  • Right angle: This impact wrench is designed to help you reach bolts in tight spaces. The handle is straight and the head is angled to access those hard to reach spots.
  • D handle: Like the name suggests, this impact wrench looks like the letter ‘D.’ It typically has two handles and is used with two hands, like a shovel.

Overall, it’s important to make sure that the impact you’re using feels comfortable. The only way to truly tell if a wrench is right for you is to try it out, so don’t feel bad about trying several different models or brands until you find an impact wrench that works best for you and the application you’re using it for.

Making these small adjustments and making sure your impact wrench is properly fitted to your grip can be crucial when doing any sort of work. It will ensure a smooth process that makes your renovations or improvements go much easier. You can learn about the safety measures you should take before using electricity-related hardware tools, on this website:

Thank you for reading and good luck with your home improvements!